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Pre-Foreclosure List

The Pre-Foreclosure List is a monthly report containing all of the postings filed on real estate for that county’s upcoming trustee sale/auction. These postings have been filed due to either a delinquent mortgage or delinquent homeowner/condo association dues. All property types are included in this list – residential, commercial, land and miscellaneous.

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Sheriff’s Sale

The Sheriff’s Sale List is a report containing all of the postings filed on real estate for that county’s upcoming Sheriff’s Sale, which is also known as the Constable’s Sale. The postings included in this report have been filed due to either delinquent property taxes or a judgment.

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Struck Off List

$32.00-$74.00 / month
The Struck Off List is a report containing all of the postings “auctioned” or processed on the day of the foreclosure auction (the trustee’s sale/auction). Some refer to this list as the "Auction Results List." For those postings processed at the foreclosure auction, regardless of whether the property was repossessed by the lender or purchased by a third party investor, detailed information will be provided to let you know what happened with each posting processed

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Mailing Labels

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Get your mailing labels from our office, or download them from your computer. The Excel Format can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Word for a mail merge.

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Post-Bankruptcy Alert

The Post-Bankruptcy Alert List is ONLY information regarding BANKRUPTCY motions for Relief or Dismissal that involve REAL ESTATE ASSETS.
We research all of the motions for relief or dismissal, but weed out the ones that have no real estate assets, leaving you with good, solid leads of homeowners motivated to sell. These property owners are motivated because soon their property will be susceptible to FORECLOSURE when the “protection” provided by bankruptcy is removed.

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Unsold Property List

$32.00-$74.00 / month
The Unsold Property List  is a report containing all of the postings that were posted on the Pre-Foreclosure List but did not make it to the auction steps. There are several reasons why the property could have not made it to the auction. For example the borrower could have made the payments current or the borrower filed for bankruptcy.

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